Bintang Beers @ Bali

Posted: 2008-05-16 by W in Drink, Non-halal

On the 2nd night of our trip, I’ve decided to drink the local beers with my roommate. They were cheap there, due to the lower tax bracket for liquors, compared to my country. I’m not fond of beers myself, but what the heck. It wouldn’t kill me.

… Bintang beer. Drink it, and you become Captain Bali! (stolen from Captain America, cause it has a star there)

… 2 beers and a dick shaped bottle opener. No, it’s not for my ass. Ask my roommate.

Rating: N/A

I can’t really rate, since I don’t drink much beers. But it’s pretty decent beer, similar to Heineken. The fragrance was there, but Heineken tasted better, I think.

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