Meals on Qatar Airways

Posted: 2008-05-15 by W in Drink, Eat, Halal, Lunch, Non-vegetarian

On my trip to Bali with my friend, and his family, we didn’t take the conventional flight company, AirAsia or MAS. We took Qatar Airways, as arranged by our travel agency. Apparently, the plane was direct flight from Arab (if I’m not mistaken) and transit in Malaysia. We were lucky (or unlucky to some) that meals were served on-board the plane. The bill was included in the flight ticket, unlike AirAsia, which you had to pay to get your food served.

… it came in a tray and looked more complete than what AirAsia has to offer during my trip to Camby. Bun with butter spread as starter. Rice and pickled vegetables salad as main course, some fruits and a cup of mineral water. We were each given another cup of drink of our choice. I picked 7up, as can be seen on the right. We were even given a bar of KitKat, but it was already 1/2 melted.

nasi minyak, with ayam rendang which looked like diarrhea. The chicken meat was alright, because they were boneless and quite soft. Provided if you don’t look at the colour and think too much. Otherwise you’ll lost your appetite the moment this *s* hits the fan in your brain. *duck for cover*

… fish meat dipped in black pepper powder and then cut into fillet. I’ve got no idea what fish was that. I was told it was tuna. All I know was, it’s a cold dish. Under the 2 fish fillets was a cup of picked vege, salad style.

… we have kiwi, watermelon, pineapple and papaya on the fruit bowl.

… bun and butter spread. The plastic that contains the bun was inflated due to the low air pressure in the flight cabin. It was a fun playing ball until we were warned not to do so in the cabin.

… the quality of food … trays were guaranteed. Look at the cap for my salad, it even has the Qatar Airways’ logo. Interesting!

… I get another 2 more slices of “tuna” fillets, courtesy of my friend, a fish lover. Even he also gave up on eating the cold fish.

… finally, you get to clean your mouth and throat with mineral water. Which is an excellent choice for people on the move. *why does this sound like an ads for Spritzer eh?*

Rating: 5/10

I would’ve given it much lower if they didn’t give the fruits and the cup of soft drink, along with a complimentary mineral water. I did managed to finish the rice, all because I was too hungry, but I had leftovers of the diarrhea looking chicken boneless chicken meat, salad and the cold fish. I’m not sure if the fish was premium stuff, but it doesn’t intrigue my taste bud. I could have accepted it even if they had given me a properly cooked dory fish.

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