Lunch @ Chili’s Bar & Grill, Mid Valley

Posted: 2008-04-19 by W in Eat, Halal, Lunch, Non-vegetarian

I told my friend that the dessert at Chili’s was awesome and we oughta try it out someday. Today, while we were in Mid Valley, we had the chance. Though our lunch were only drinks, some light snacks and a dessert, but we were quite full from our heavy breakfast.

… I’d usually go for the bottomless guava juice, which was dilluted badly with water.


… my friend first ordered the guava. Later he asked for a mango on the refill. At least the mango juice tasted sweeter because the fragrance is stronger from mango compared to guava.

… I was tempted by this White Chocolate Molten Cake, but I’ve always had problems with eating white chocolate, which tends to make my throat sore. Really unpleasant experience.

… so I ended up ordering the usual Chocolate Molten Cake. Yummy~

… Classic Nachos, with slices of jalapeños.

Rating: 6.5/10

My greedy self had the better of me. Never ever go for food again when you are still full. This was what happened to me on that day. Being there ordering only drinks and a dessert seemed plain, so the nachos were sidetracked. I was curious as well as to how good would it be. The nachos were good and the dessert, excellent. But my stomach felt like it was gonna explodes. Mainly due to the few cups of juice that I had, I guess.


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