Restoran Long Grilled Fish Seafood, Jinjang Utara

Posted: 2008-04-06 by W in Drink, Eat, Non-halal, Non-vegetarian

This restaurant has been one of my favourite in Klang Valley, reason being that it served the hard to find fried little squids. If you read my earlier posts, I’m a big sucker for fried little squids.

… I first found this restaurant from a free magazine taken from Coffee Bean. There was an article that mentioned that it has fried little squids, similar to the style that I liked. From then onward, I was a changed man!

… chinese tea is like a necessity for consuming our kind of food. It has the effect of repelling oil in our system. But if it was taken cold, it might reverse the effect and worsen it.

… Seremban style fried silver needle noodle (銀針粉), or more commonly known as “rat tail noodle”.

… some vege that I couldn’t care to name. Go check encyclopedia if you cared.

… my favourite! Need I say more? Look at them cute little squids ready to be squided (unfortunately, that’s not a word. How I wished it was. Specially made up for squid lovers, like me. Pedophile squid lover, to be exact.)

… deep fried spare ribs.

Rating: 8.5/10

This is a restaurant that I’d seriously recommend to food lovers. The dishes that they cooked were really nice. I couldn’t even recall any single dish that wasn’t suitable for my taste bud. Not that I was biased toward it because they serves fried little squid, hehe.

Despite it was named as grilled fish seafood, but I had yet to try out their grilled fish. Perhaps one fine day. Besides, it was really far from my place, so I wouldn’t go there as often as I could. Opened from 6pm till 4am, daily.

Go give it a shot if you can find it. Otherwise, ask me for the address, or GPS co-ordinates.



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