Dinner @ Michelangelo’s Italian Kitchen, Sunway Pyramid

Posted: 2008-03-19 by W in Dinner, Drink, Eat, Halal, Non-vegetarian

Went for dinner with my colleague, MSF. It was rather impromptu, so we landed in Sunway Pyramid and walked around for a bit. Until this restaurant, it sort of intrigued me. The exaggerated mural on the reception sort of catch my eyes. Aside from that, the oysters were going for RM2 each. My colleague, being an oyster lover, she was practically shouting on top of her lungs, “IT’S CHEAP! IT’S SO CHEAP! I WANT OYSTERS! I WANT OYSTERS!”. Hence we got in. The place was rather quiet, not many patrons at that moment. Probably it was way passed dinner time.

… escargot for starter. Something which you can’t miss if you are having Italian food. Those crispy garlic bread stripes were nice.

… before I even started making choice on what to eat, I saw this flyer. I was already thinking to myself, could I possibly squeeze time out during lunch to eat here with my colleagues. The place seemed cozy, at the least.

… fresh oysters, ready to be consumed.

… my cup of cocktail. I’d give it a 10/10 for presentation wise.

… unfortunately, you have to stir in order to drink it in a balanced way. Taste, 6/10.

… my colleague had a seafood spaghetti bolognese.

… on the other hand, I ordered an aglio olio, with plenty of prawns.

… from the photo, I thought this would be something like the lava molten chocolate cake from Chili’s. I was too naive to believed that it was so cheap (RM12 vs RM25). Yes, I was wrong. This dessert sucked. The cake was as hard as rock and there ain’t any molten lava of chocolate syrup at all.

Rating: 5.5/10

The dinner was nice, company was great. It was the last dinner I had with my colleague before she has gotta move on to another company. I had only 3 oysters though, while my colleague had 3 from our first order and another 4 more from our second order. Such an oyster galore. The dessert somehow spoiled the whole scoring though. So, stay off the dessert. Italian was never famous for desserts anyway. You want good dessert, head on to Chili’s instead.

  1. […] … I’ve never had oysters on my 2 previous visits to this restaurant, as I didn’t know they have oysters. These oysters were huge and fat. Probably 1 of the biggest I’ve seen from eating place that I’ve been. They were all exclusively for MSF, since she loves oysters so much. […]

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