Hock Chuan Hiong (福荃香)

Posted: 2008-02-16 by W in Dinner, Eat, Non-halal, Non-vegetarian

I paid my colleague a visit during CNY. One of the food that got my attention was this dried meat. It was packed separately in its own sealed packaging and I was told that it’s only available during CNY period.

… the packaging was nice, but the meat was even nicer!

Rating: 8/10

I thought I’d never eat anymore dried meat this year because I’ve had enough, of mediocre dried meat. I had 2 pieces out of the few pieces left. I can’t help it, it was too good. This was the best dried meat I’ve had for the year or even a couple of years back. It was sweet and salty at the perfect level. It’s made out of chopped meat, rather than blended type. So it would be a little hard at first, but as you chew and let your saliva rinse on the meat, you’ll be able to savour the deeper taste of the meat. But I ended up with a sore jaw later during dinner.

I’m ordering at least a box for the next CNY to let my family try it next year.

  1. Jeannie Tan says:

    I bought a pack 500grams from 1 of your counter nearby Restaurant Orange Klang,shit the weigh including plastic bag only 400 gram.

    • W says:

      I bought mine from a supplier whom source these meat from 福荃香, where the dried meat was weighted before sealed in individual packing.

      Never been to its original shop.

    • Brandon says:

      u can come to our Hock Chuan Hiong Food Branches..
      its at Bayu Tinggi..
      if anything Goes wrong.. Sorry, we apologize..
      Mdm Law, 0162259587
      Mr Tee Chai Heng, 0163372898
      Mr brandon, 0162198193

  2. LT Khoo says:

    I have received a packet of dried meat+floss as a CNY gift but when I opened it, the meat is full of mold !!
    The packet has a web address but it cannot be accessed !! (28 Jan 2012 11 pm).
    Therefore I am unable to send the photos to the web site.
    Pity can’t send it here also.

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