Garlic Breads @ Home

Posted: 2008-02-07 by W in Eat, Non-halal, Non-vegetarian

I was tempted to make garlic bread when I heard from my friend that she was doing it for her breakfast. Aside from that, I had tasted semi-DIY garlic bread before during my trip to Pulau Aur, and the result was so good. It was way better than those you can get from Pizza Hut or equivalent places. Besides, I’m also a garlic bread lover.

… toasting 3 slices at a time in the microwave oven. Yeah, that microwave oven is nearing completing its second decade of age.

… barely enough. It still looked rather yellow, not golden enough. Probably the bread has moisture in it, hence the first time toasting it would require a longer period to make it drier.

… flipped them around and re-toast again, for another 2 minutes.

… now it looked much better. Slightly golden on the back.

… but the front, it looked just right! Very tasty looking already! I could smell the fragrance miles away and the garlic, they are crunchy!

… 3 of them, looked evenly toasted. Just what I needed, gold bars!

… ok, the first round of garlic breads were quickly ravaged by the hungry vampires in my household. So I had to make again. This time, with a lot a lot of butter and garlic. Leave the butter out to be thawed.

… when it started to melt, pour in the chopped garlic. Then start stirring…

… mix it evenly until it’s paste like. So that it can be easily apply to the bread’s surface, like those on-the-shelf garlic butter.

… this is how it looked like after you’ve applied it evenly on the bread’s surface. The chopped up garlic was barely visible.

… after you’ve toasted it, the garlic got cooked faster than the wet butter. You could see the chopped garlic started to surface and they are crunchy and smells so nice, yet stink.

… the back looks good too.

… since there are so many hungry mouths, I decided to cut them into pieces of 4 for each slice of bread. You could see how the butter seeped into the bread.

… this time, it has more garlic. Because most of the chopped garlic have set at the bottom of the butter. Last piece of the bread would be amazing, unless it’s charred.

… not quite what I expected of it. Too much butter! The sides were seriously toasted, but the centre, barely golden colour. Failed!

Rating: 7/10

First round of the garlic bread was a blissful success! Everyone was happy with it. Hence it prompted for a second round of garlic bread making. Which was around 4 hours apart. Unfortunately, putting more doesn’t mean better. Lesson of the day learned, put only what’s sufficient, else you’ll spoil your food.


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