Sushi Groove, 1 Utama New Wing

Posted: 2008-01-18 by W in Dinner, Eat, Non-vegetarian

It was Friday night and my friend recommended this place to me. Some place groovy. And yeah, they serve sushis there.

… my friend had Gyu Tamago Don.

… I had my Spicy Hamburg Steak & Egg on Rice. Look at that patty man.

… watermelon juice.

… Godzilla Roll. I thought the name sounded funny, so we ordered this. It has mango on it.

… I Unagi Roll. I just can’t give up unagis.

… what’s inside the Godzilla Roll. Godzilla’s guts.

Notice how the rice were sticking together neatly?

Rating: 8/10

Despite a little bit steep in price, I think the place is a good place for dining. Their sushis were stuffed and packed nicely that the rice doesn’t shattered when you hold them with chopsticks, unlike most sushi restaurants out there. But the lacking of runny sweet soy sauce kinda put them a little bit behind Sushi King. But they do have thick (real thick, like phlegm) sweet soy sauce though.

Overall, the experience was wonderful. I SHALL go there again, whenever I have the chance.

Lat: 3° 8’54.62″N
Long: 101°36’57.23″E

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