Posted: 2007-11-08 by W in Eat, Halal, Non-vegetarian

It was my first visit to Pavilion KL today. After a long walk with another 3 fellas, we decided to stop down for a while to rest ourselves. We saw this attractive blackboard with chalks drawings, stating that RM2 for each oyster. It was rather long ago the last time I had oysters. So, what the heck, it wasn’t even expensive, I thought.

… started off with 4 oysters. One for the each of us.

… a plate of cheesey nachos with jalapeño slice.

… a basket of fries as well.

… after we finished the first four, we ordered another 4 morel

… my buddying showing us how to correctly eat the oyster. Firstly, squeeze your lemon…

… then add on plenty of tabasco sauce.

Rating: 5/10

It was fun prying out the oyster from its shell, but the second batch of oysters were too frozen. There were deposits of ice in the meat itself. Would require some time to thaw the ice before eating it.


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