Morning… Pulau Aur, Day 3

Posted: 2007-09-24 by W in Breakfast, Eat, Halal, Non-vegetarian

Started the day off with a healthy breakfast. I didn’t expect I’d get 3 meals a day to fill my stomach. Even when I was back at my old place, I’d usually skip the breakfast, because I’d most likely woke up late, or too lazy to get something to eat. But here, everything was prepared for you. Just line up for your food, like convicts. Hehe…

… we were having porridge for the morning. It has century eggs, but did you notice that spoon of sesame oil? Oh boy! Oh boy!

… big pot of porridge. (told ya, line up like a convict)

… to start my day off in a better way, I decorated my plate of porridge. Not sure what it resemblance. Donnie Darko?

That little dab of brownish spot that made my plate of porridge looked like Gorbachev, was the mother of all condiments, sesame oil.

Rating: 4/10

I’m not fond of porridge, let alone porridge with century eggs. Luckily I have sesame oil to numb myself, which made the breakfast wasn’t that bad.

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