Evening… Pulau Aur, Day 3

Posted: 2007-09-24 by W in Dinner, Eat, Halal, Non-vegetarian

Mr Chin decided to give us something special for our last night on the island. We were gonna have western food. So the preparations need to be started early. As early as 4 in the noon. It really hiked up our expectations. Everyone was keen in helping out for the preparations.

portobello mushrooms. I wonder what would we have…

… we even have garlic, cut into slices.

… oh, they were to be stuffed into the lamb ribs. As instructed by Mr Chin, excess fats were to be removed as they are very unhealthy.

… everything was laid out while waiting for the garlic to seeps into the lamb.

… meat tenderizer was used of course, otherwise we would have to bring along minyak angin for our sore jaws.

… I do not recall catching these mackerels. I wonder if they brought it from the mainland. Anyway, they were to be stuffed with the chili beside it. The minyak angin was used to anaesthetize those fishes, because they were alive before this, in order to maintain the maximum freshness of our food.

… unfortunately, the minyak angin technique was not feasible for the lamb, otherwise we would be grilling the lamb in the whole, rather than in pieces of ribs.

… these french bread looked thin, but most of them were discarded because they were infested with ants.

… my share of the lamb rib. I was so hungry before I get my piece of precious lamb. The portobello mushrooms was made into mushroom gravy for the lamb. It was amazing how the place was well equipped with all the necessary eating utensils, even for up to 20 pax and more. (how would you think we made our ice kacang earlier?)

Rating: 8/10

It was really a memorable last night on the island. The food got better and better and better. We were assured that, even if we didn’t have fun on the water sports, we’d definitely had fun eating the food. It was so damn right!


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