Morning… Pulau Aur, Day 2

Posted: 2007-09-23 by W in Breakfast, Eat, Halal, Vegetarian

After a crazy night, I woke up to a simple and plain breakfast. But before I started eating, I checked the aftermath of the stove. After it was being torrented with tens of tens of fishes and prawns, even bananas!

… here was a leftover of a prawn head. I wondered who did not have his or her prawn head last night. If you stand near enough, you can actually sniff the fragrance of Mr Chin’s recipe stuck to the grill and the piece of prawn head, especially when the wind is blowing at your direction.

Ahhh… the smell of the sea breeze and the secret recipe. *drool*

… my breakfast was a plate of healthy salad, topped with some chopped up button mushroom (campbells?) and some french fries.

Rating: 5/10

It was too plain to be exciting. But the only exciting breakfast would be to have a really spicy and delicious nasi lemak. But I don’t think you could ever find nasi lemak on this deserted island, nor is there any delivery service.

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