Sushi King, Subang Parade

Posted: 2007-09-10 by W in 10 and above, Eat, Japanese, Lunch, Non-halal, Non-vegetarian, Promotion

Today, I was challenged by my vendor that, if I could eat a certain number of sushis, he would fork the bill. It was also the day that I started to notice the brilliance behind the Sushi Bonanza promotion offered by Sushi King.

… unagi sushis that usually served on the RM6/purple plate, now cost only RM2 for every pair of it.

Rating: 11/10

Never in my life have I ate that many pieces of sushi at 1 time, not even on 1 day itself. The bet was totally worth it and the unagis were great! My colleague even stuff the unagis into his soft shell crab temaki. I think I’ve had more than 30 pieces of unagi sushis and yes, I won the bet. Considered himself lucky, because each plate cost only RM2 and the bill was quite cheap, even though there were 6 of us.

At first, we weren’t able to fit ourselves at the seats by the kaiten belt. I was a little worried as I might not be able to pick my favourite sushi from the belt, being a little kiasu, I admit. Fortunately, during the bonanza promotions, purple plated sushis were served separately rather than placed on the kaiten belt. The store manager would personally take a big pan which was filled with only purple plated sushi (tempura prawn, unagi, etc…) and walk around serving everyone. We were lucky enough because we were near to the kitchen, and when she reached our table, more than 70% of the unagis would be placed on our table without question asked. I never knew being a censorship officer would be that fun!

Anyway, thank you Kenny for the lunch! I’m looking forward to the next round of bet!

Lat: 3° 4′56.31″N
Long: 101°35′9.08″E

PS: I went for the Sushi Bonanza again for another 2 more times. The promo lasted from Monday till Thursday, and I went 3 times for lunches! Had constipation for a week!

  1. […] bonanza, knowing that something is definitely amiss on this round of Bonanza. My abuse started in September last year, together with my colleague. Then the previous time, we basically swooped all the unagi that ever […]

  2. hotlinerz says:

    This time no more unagi… I went to the Summit Sushi King and no Unagi was served 😦

  3. W says:

    Yeah, it was really unfortunate that SK decided to force their other yucky sushi down your precious throat instead.

    My friend confirmed that SK @ Tesco, Puchong doesn’t serve unagi as well.

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