Poh Loong Restaurant (寳隆), Teluk Intan

Posted: 2007-04-30 by W in 8.0 - 8.9, Chinese, Drink, Eat, GPS, Non-halal, Non-vegetarian, Supper

Had a light supper at Pao Loong tonight. My mom recommended me the mee goreng to me, cause we don’t usually order that dish.

… looks good, taste even better. It was comparable to many mamak stall’s mee goreng. In fact it’s even better than most mamak stall’s mee goreng in KV.

… Chinese tea for oily food.

… belacan fried yau mak. It’s even better than the kangkung counterpart.

… siam style bee hoon. My favourite!

Rating: 8/10

First time having the mee goreng. Boy, was it good? Yes, it was good. But not sure if I’d have it again, cause I just can’t give up eating my siam style bee hoon over the mee goreng. Unless I’ll be going there daily, so I can try different food all the time.

Location: N4.00098 E101.01590


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