Poh Loong Seafood Restaurant (寳隆), Teluk Intan

Posted: 2007-04-28 by W in 9.0 - 9.9, Chinese, Dinner, Eat, GPS, Non-halal, Non-vegetarian, Supper

As usual, whenever I balik kampung, I’ll get a taste of my favourite seafood at my favourite restaurant (only because they serve the dishes that I like).

… fried chicken salad with fruits cutlets.

water spinach (蕹菜) stir fried with shrimp paste (蝦醬).

… fried little squids. My favourite of them all… but…

… kam heong mantis shrimps.

With both the fried squids and kam heong mantis shrimps, it is really hard for me to decided which one I liked better. I’ll take them both anytime, just to go with my few plates of white rice! Yeah, they are indeed THAT good!

… sweet sour fried crab. Eating crabs wasn’t my forte. All the hard works for the little meats that you can get and the messy fingers, or worse, hands. Sometimes, you’ll even get stain on your shirt. Unfortunately, unlike most sweet sour, which the crabs were drowned in its gravy, this was only laden with some gravy and it tasted unlike most sweet sour crabs. It’s salty and sour.

… halfway through the dishes…

… my best combination. Fried little squids, kam heong mantis shrimps and a healthy pick of kangkung.

Rating: 9/10

Both the kam heong mantis shrimps and fried little squids were spot on. No charred taste in the squids. The vege was right on spot. Not so for the crabs though. This was the first time I tried the fried chicken fruits salad. It wasn’t all that bad, but it’s just odd. Usually fruits salad goes well with boiled shrimps. The sweetness in the prawns after it was boiled was god send.

Location: N4.00098 E101.01590

  1. Chew Hap Yap says:

    Whenever we come back to Teluk Intan for Cheng Beng every year, we will come here for our dinner. The food generally are acceptable But the services provided is still the same old way which are slow and very messy. Hope to see improvement next year.

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