Restoran Capitol Satay, Malacca

Posted: 2007-04-21 by W in 6.0 - 6.9, Chinese, Dinner, Eat, GPS, Maiden Experience, Malay, Non-halal, Non-vegetarian

I’ve long heard of the infamous satay celup in Malacca, since March of 2006. But I missed my chance on my last trip to Malacca. That was a year ago. Now I’ve finally stepped into the shop. But before we step into the shop, we had to queue up in front of the shop for our turn, by the roadside.

… portion of food for 7 pax. But why were there only 6 pieces of mini sausages? Who ate 1 of them? Huh? Huh?

… I’ve always loved quill eggs on steamboat. Though this wasn’t steamboat, but it was similar. But these are century old quill egg! That’s double the happiness. Triple the cholesterol. Quadruple shortened your lifespan. Haha!

… these were those internal organs that I don’t eat. Lucky for the rest of them. But I do eat the meatballs though.

… each of us were given a plate of cutlet breads and cucumbers. I couldn’t have enough of them.

… soak them in the gravy, let the gravy find its place into the comfort zone of the bread, then lift up the stick and put them into your mouth. ~yummy~

… from time to time, the boss would personally attend to our table to add in extra gravy. I thought I heard someone shouted “Extra peanuts!!!”. Yes, the gravy and peanuts were manually mixed. Keep stirring so that the gravy won’t get burned at the bottom of the pot.

Rating: 6.5/10

The taste of the gravy was so-so only. I had tasted better satay gravy. At first when I heard of “satay celup”, I’d expect each of us would be given limitless supplies of satays, so that we could dip them into the satay gravy. But I was so wrong. I can’t even find anything that’s remotely resembles a satay, except for its stick form. But there was a fun factor in this, just like how fun it was to eat “luk-luk” by the roadside.

Location: N2.19476 E102.25209

  1. […] The usage of porcelain was to prevent the porridge from getting burned at the bottom, I guess. The satay celup guy should start to invests in these porcelain stuff man. EL should have joined us for dinner. […]

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